Informazioni legali

Information about the Saxo Bank Group Remuneration Policy

For the Saxo Bank Group, it is essential that employees working in the business areas to which the Saxo Bank Group's policies on sustainability risks relate comply with the relevant policies.

Under the Saxo Bank Group Remuneration Policy, it is therefore a requirement that one of the performance criteria that apply to the bonus scheme applicable to employees whose work is related to discretionary portfolio management services must be a criteria linked to compliance with any applicable rules on sustainability risks that the employees must comply with for the proper performance of their work.

In relation to the Saxo Bank Group’s decision on whether or not an employee should be awarded a bonus under the bonus scheme, it is also a requirement that non-compliant behavior by the employee must override any good financial performance generated by the Saxo Bank Group, the business unit within which the employee works and the employee.  

Last updated: 10th March 2021