Improved Spreads on CFD Index Trackers

We are pleased to announce we have recently released better Bid/Ask spreads on CFD Index Trackers for all clients. Spreads will be fixed at the minimum target spread during the main stock market trading session for 99% of price updates (up to a max. trade size for the index). 

Fixed spreads are now available for the following CFD Index Trackers:

Index Tracker NameSymbolTrade amount (contracts)*
 US 30 Wall StreetUS30.I15
 US 500US500.I100
 US Tech 100 NASUSNAS100.I25
 EU Stocks 50EU50.I100
 France 40FRA40.I10
 Germany 30GER30.I10
 Italy 40ITALY40.I10
 Netherlands 25NETH25.I10
 Spain 35SPAIN35.I20
  Sweden 30SWE30.I100
 Switzerland 20SWISS20.I10
 UK 100UK100.I20
 Australia 200AUS200.I10
 Japan 225JP225.I1,000
 Hong KongHK50.I25
  * Fixed spreads only apply under normal market conditions and up to the indicated trade amount    

Minimum Spreads on CFDs can be found under Trading Conditions in the trading platforms:

  • In SaxoTrader: Account > Trading Conditions > CFD Stock/Index Instrument List
  • In SaxoTraderGO: Account > Trading Conditions > Search for CFD index